Mobile Auto Detailing



Basic Hand Wash, Hand Dry, Wax, Rim Cleaner, Tire Shine, ETC.


Floor mats, Dash Board, Touch Screens, ETC.

All-In-One Package

This is our most purchased package we offer! Get a full service detail for the low price of $95. 

Ceramic Coatings 

Protect your paint and make it shine with a fresh Ceramic Coat!

This Package includes the All In One package*


Have a dirty car but no time to clean it? No worries, we're mobile!

That’s right, we come to you!

Founded by a few high-school students with a passion, Rinse And Shine is sure to give you the best possible shine for the lowest possible cost. We strive to expand our small business everyday. In order for us to accomplish our goal, we hope that you choose us to relieve you of any detailing needs! Don't use dish soap to clean your investment! 

Own a business? We would love to work with you! Scroll down to the bottom of this page and contact us! We work with several business fleets and want to add yours to our list!

All customers please note* We will need hose hook-ups and electrical outlets for us to utilize during any service! All other supplies is supplied by us!



A collection of cars we've detailed with passion


Contact Us

Location: 63129 (Oakville, Saint Louis) and surrounding areas  

Telephone: 314-319-3597


Please Call anytime!


Mon - Fri: 2:30pm - 8pm

​​Saturday: 6am - 8pm

​Sunday: 6am - 8pm

We do not perform exterior services at or below 40 degrees. Interior will vary. Other weather circumstances will vary.  

Phone  Number: 314-319-3597


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