Ceramic Coatings

Why Ceramic? 

Have you ever heard of a wax lasting 5 years? How about a dirt, water, and debris repelling paint protection lasting 6 years. Now you have! Ceramic Coatings are the new technology in the detailing world, and your car needs it!

Forget short term waxes and sealant, while they are inexpensive and look good, they last nearly a fraction of the time as ceramic coatings do. Ceramic coatings add extreme hydrophobic properties to your cars paint, rims, glass, and trim. While Ceramic Coatings do not prevent rock chips from happening, it certainly can protect your paint from extreme damage that rocks can do. Think of it like this, Ceramic coatings are basically a second layer of clear coat over your car, except it shines like crazy and keeps your car looking 100% 24/7. Yes, we understand that spending $400+ on a "detail" is a large sum on money, however ceramic coatings last up to 6 years depending on maintenance. Plus, we have the lowest prices for Ceramic Coating installs! Check local detailers, they charge up to $2000 for a ceramic coating job! We use the same product, same methods, and have the same experience just at a more reasonable cost! 

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