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    3 hr 30 min

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Terms and Conditions: 

Rinse And Shine LLC is NOT responsible for any previous damage on the vehicle. All damage is to be reported and entered in our files. Rinse And Shine holds the right to move personal belongings left in the vehicle to a location designated by the customer. Rinse And Shine is not responsible for any damage done to any personal belongings left in the vehicle. We kindly ask that all personal items that you do NOT want relocated or thrown away, to be removed prior to the appointment start time. Rinse And Shine Asks that the customer please remove any weapons, dangerous, or sharp items from the vehicle prior to the arrival of our staff. Rinse And Shine can and will report any illegal drugs found in the vehicle.




Rinse And Shine kindly asks that you remove any and all personal belongings that you do not want relocated or thrown away. Please leave trash and other items you don't mind being thrown away or relocated, as that is what our job is for! Rinse And Shine REQUIRES that you please remove any weapons, dangerous, or sharp items from the vehicle prior to the arrival of our staff. We finally ask that you please take a look at the vehicle after the job is complete when payment is due and notify the staff member of any and all areas needing correction. Once you sign and date our form, you certify that you have looked over the vehicle, and confirmed that the job was performed at an above satisfactory performance and you signify that there is nothing more you need to be completed.  

*Note*: Rinse And Shine employees will need access to a hose hookup and electrical outlets within 50ft of the work area. 

Phone  Number: 314-319-3597


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