Ceramic Coating

Complete Exterior Protection

  • 48 hours
  • Starting at $600
  • Royal Country Drive

Service Description

*Please note: a 20% NON REFUNDABLE deposit is required before service can be started. An invoice will be sent to the email provided* Ceramic coating is new technology in the detailing world. Forget short-term waxes and sealants, while they are inexpensive and look good, they last nearly a fraction of the time as ceramic coatings do. Ceramic coatings add extreme hydrophobic properties to your car's paint, rims, glass, and trim. While Ceramic Coatings do not prevent rock chips from happening, it certainly can protect your paint from extreme damage that rocks can do. Think of it like this, Ceramic coatings are basically a second layer of clear coat over your car, except it shines like crazy and keeps your car looking 100% 24/7. Yes, we understand that spending $600+ on a "detail" is a large sum of money, however ceramic coatings last up to 6 years depending on maintenance. Plus, we have the lowest prices for Ceramic Coating installs! Check local detailers, they charge up to $2000 for a ceramic coating job! We use the same product, same methods, and have the same experience just at a more reasonable cost! Please note: Rinse and Shine will need your vehicle for a minimum of 30 hours. Your vehicle will stay locked up in a garage with 24/7 surveillance. The reason we need the vehicle for this long is that not only does the coating take roughly 3 hours to apply, but the coating also needs to sit and "cure" for at least 4 hours. The longer it sits without exposure to the sun, the better. We prefer all cars sit at least 24 hours before being picked up by the customer. Thank you for understanding! All Ceramic Coating jobs come with a do and don't list following the installation, and come with one FREE maintenance wash, boosting the longevity of your coating. All maintenance washes after that will cost $40 for coupes, sedans, and Hatchbacks, and $55 for SUVs, trucks, and vans.

Cancellation Policy

To avoid being charged a 20% fee, please notify all cancellations at least 24 hours before the stated start time of the appointment.

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  • 5968 Royal Country Drive, St. Louis, MO, USA